Topic: Chumby 8 audio stops working until reboot

I have a Chumby 8 with a strange problem. I've been using it as an alarm successfully since I bought it new in July 2014.

Typically, I have it play an audio stream from my local NPR station to wake me up.  However, about a week ago it didn't wake me up.  The screen indicated that the alarm had fired (it was out of night mode, alarm screen was on) but I didn't hear anything.

I went to the audio player and tried to play the stream manually and nothing -- silence.

I rebooted the Chumby and then it worked fine.  Every day since it hasn't worked in the same way.  Last night I tested the audio just before going to sleep and it worked fine.  However when I woke up, nothing.  I also set a second alarm for 15 minutes after the first that used a built-in audio alarm, and that also didn't play anything.

The fact that a non-stream audio alarm didn't work suggests it's not the internet stream.
The fact that rebooting causes it work fine suggests that this is more likely a software problem.
Nothing else has changed on the Chumby or the network infrastructure since it was working reliably.

What to do?  How can I debug this further.  At the moment, it is useless if it can't wake me up.



Re: Chumby 8 audio stops working until reboot

Well, as you've said, nothing has changed recently, however, it's possible the firmware has been corrupted somehow.  You might try a doing a USB firmware update to refresh it and see if that helps.