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Topic: Bump: New Year Photos Help Request

Chumby-Dash Newbie help request: It seems that I should be able to view .jpg formatted photos on a thumb drive in at least two ways:

1) The "USB Photos" app

2) The built-in "Photos" function

Found a lot posted here about the script needed for the "USB Photos" app, and have tried but not succeeded so far with getting a photo to display. Seems I have not found a set-by-step that is Dash specific AND clear enough for me to follow successfully. Anyone who is successful able to post such ? I get to the blue "script required" screen, and then stuck forever on "Loading Filelist".

WRT the built-in "Photos" function, I have not found much posted. The built-in "Music" and "Video" functions seem to work perfectly for me, within the MP3 & MP4 formats that the Chumby-Dash can use. "Photos" seem to start OK, getting as far as displaying a pretty screen of .jpg thumbnails. I can highlight a thumbnail, but either "Play Selected" -or- "Play All" gets a black screen with a rotating symbol and "Loading image", again stuck forever. Any fix for this ?

Thanks & Happy New Year

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I have the same problem of not being able to have photo slideshow (especially with clock overlay). I have gotten space theme to show small slideshow sometimes.

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I have the same problem. Did anyone get around to making it work?

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Bump again!

There are numerous threads on this issue and posts get many hundreds of views. Surely someone has ideas of what to do or try, please !

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Another new month, another bump !!! NOT lazy just need a little help !

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I know only how to use the USB Photo widget.  You may have the same problem I did, which I solved by starting the webserver on the Dash.  see my other thread on it for some details.