Topic: Boot screen on C1 fades to white

I had to powercycle one of my C1s yesterday... and it never came back :-(

I get the circle screen and then I get two wide bands across the screen and it slowly it fades to white.

I've made a video (20 seconds) of the boot sequence:

Any ideas?

Re: Boot screen on C1 fades to white

Looks like c1 power supply capacitor failures..

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Boot screen on C1 fades to white

I tried powering it with a different power adapter (from the chumby that's still working) and got similar (but subtly different) results.  So it may be power adapter related and both are marginal...

So I tried it with a generic RadioShack power adapter set for 5V 2.5A (the barrel wasn't quite wide enough and wobbled a little, but it made contact) and got exactly the same results as in my original video.

So I don't think it's the external power adapter at fault...