Topic: what's the best photo-streaming option? <And a thank you>

First...I have just re-animated my once-and-always-loved Sony Dash w/ the new soul provided by Duane & company's hard work.  Thanks to all that had contributed to that.  Maybe one day I'll get a clue as to what-all went into that.  I thanked you with my wallet earlier this morning.  I will continue to thank you with my wallet as long as you endeavor to maintain this. 

2nd...Now that I've a new lease on the Dash...what's the best option for photo streaming from the Internet, now that Picasa is done?

Re: what's the best photo-streaming option? <And a thank you>

Picasa is now Google photos. SO if you mean just what to do without Picasa then just move on with that. Hopefully someone will be find a way to plug in Google photos to the Chumby line. Photo sharing is a great thing with GP.

Re: what's the best photo-streaming option? <And a thank you>

Must say I am very disappointed that it appears none of the photo apps work and there seems to be little interest in the forums to help get things working. I too really like using the Dash to display photos. I have left a few posts trying to get help with Flickr but no response. I think with the demise of Picasa, Google photos are not accessible.
Sorry I don't have any answers- except from reading I think Flickr may work using an RSS feed- but I have been unable to figure out how.
Good luck

Re: what's the best photo-streaming option? <And a thank you>

Hope is coming...
"        diamaunt wrote:
            flikr is working for me.

      ccchuck wrote:  I can't get it to work - I have an album on flickr, i tried using my user name in the setup, never got off sending please wait, same with my yahoo email address - what am I missing?

    I don't know, I just know mine works, but the last time I did anything with it was two or three years ago.... try sending a note to the widget author?

2017-07-20 13:53:47

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Re: Photo Widgets

Yes, that's one of ours.  I'll take a look when I can find some time."