Topic: Playing with Chumby IPv6

Just for fun, and I guess a bit of hope for longevity of Chumby I have been playing with IPv6 on Chumby.

When my ISP turned on IPv6 I decided to see how Chumby got on with it. I assigned a local prefix (to get a ULA IPv6, an internal non Internet address) as well the Internet routable address.

Chumby has quite old software to do IPv6 well so I was surprised what does worked.

When my router started sending out prefixes, the Chumby picked them up and I have a GUA (Internet routable address) and a private ULA address assigned by SLAAC.

SSHing into the Chumby works on IPv6 as the output of netstat shows:

tcp        0      0 fdb4:edce:1201:1:1c18:c3ff:fdee:b9a1%924008:22 fdb4:edce:1201:1:4E:21:23:2:45516

The NFS client doesn't seem to like IPv6 addresses on the Chumby:

mount -o nolock,bg,ro '[fdb4:edce:1201:1:4E:21:23:2]:/home/data' /mnt/nfs

mount: [fdb4: Unknown host

Fair enough.

Ping6 just seems unhappy on Chumby:

chumby:~ # ping6
PING (2a00:1450:400e:804::2004): 56 data bytes
Segmentation fault

So it did correctly resolved the IPv6 address but always segfaults. Fails with names or IPv6 addresses.

Outbound telnet works fine to an IPv6 address but it defaults to using an IPv4 resolved name if presented with a name.

NTP seems to only want to go IPv4.

Also anything running in Flash player seems to always be IPv4 only (not a huge surprise).

As I say, just a bit of fun and interesting how well Chumby (for it's age) does IPv6 at all!

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