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Topic: idea for loading old themes


i had an idea on a possible way to load the old s0ny themes on the chumby update,

looking at the chumby update,, you see the default theme.swf file there..

i have downloaded all the old s0ny dash themes to my laptop.

could i just switch the default theme with one of the s0ny themes and rename it default theme to avoid any confusion?

there is a default theme name text file that currently reads space theme that i thought could be changed to reflect the new theme..

i was wondering if anyone out here could confirm my idea this might work or tell me it wont. maybe someone is inspired by my idea to come up with a new way to load themes because the ssh method was very hard for me to follow, as i am not so computer savvy

i would just try it but i wanted to run it by someone more knowledgeable first rather than risk bricking my unit if it didnt work!

any help or additional ideas are greatly appretiated

Re: idea for loading old themes

There is another thread here with instructions to do just that.


Re: idea for loading old themes

thanks for the reply..that post was my reason for asking if theres a simpler method.. i have no idea about ssh or the other advanced stuff talked about there so id either need a really slow walk thru or a video tutorial, but i was hoping for a simpler method if possible

Re: idea for loading old themes

  1. download theme

  2. rename theme to theme.swf

  3. put theme on usb stick

  4. put usb stick into dash

  5. turn on dash

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

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i thought it might work that way.. no special folders to put it in or anything? no chance of bricking the unit? and THANKYOU all for bringing the dash back to life. very appreciative.

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the new space theme has grown on me as ive taken hold of  its functionality..everything works and its beautiful. i do miss the old themes so id love to see them running too.

one last question.. would it be possible to swap the .swf in the chumbyizing process so to make the default theme whichever .swf you chose to substitute?

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I guess I missed where to download themes. Could someone post?

Re: idea for loading old themes

demarks51 wrote:

I guess I missed where to download themes. Could someone post?


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I finally did the appview theme. Didn't work until I realized that on windows swf already was the default ending. Just changed name to theme. Swf was tacked on.
Looks like before.
Hopefully, old themes/new themes will be able to be loaded to dash w/o dongle attached. YouStreams would be nice and google music or amazon music (or other source). SoundCloud?