Topic: Disable Networking to disable the update

Here's the workaround I used to disable the update notification.

1. Install the older firmware 1.7.1526 (see the other threads for instructions and link to the fw)
2. Boot up the Sony Dash
3. Configure the networking
4. Watch it fully boot up
5. Immediately unplug your internet connection at the wireless router OR disable internet some other way.
6. Now delete the wireless settings.
7. You can now enable the internet on your wireless router.

If between STEPS 4 & 5, it prompts you to update, you waited too long to disable the internet.  Unplug the Sony Dash and reboot it.  Repeat STEPS 4 + 5.

Re: Disable Networking to disable the update

I did something similar and so far (fingers crossed) my two Dashes seem to be working normally and are not trying to update.

I did everything from the dash and didn't touch my router.

For your step #5, I just changed the Dash network connection and put in an incorrect router password.  After a few minutes it'll say network connection failed.  I waited a while and then changed the Dash network connection back (used the correct router password). 

As I said, my Dashes are working correctly (weather updates, Pandora works).  Just not getting the forced update popup.

If my luck runs out and the update popup comes back, I'll post.

Re: Disable Networking to disable the update

I have Verizon Fios, and the stock gateway/router has a very simple "Block This Device function"  Just like Monkeypet described, watch it fully boot up and then click "Block This Device".

I've played around with Unblocking to listen to Pandora or look at weather w/o a forced update.

Does anyone know What protocol or URL the updates occur over?  I'd like to use the Website Blocking or Block Internet Services Feature to just prevent updates.

I'm not sure if I'm permitted to embed images, let's see.  Here's a screenshot.
Block via Fios Gateway

Re: Disable Networking to disable the update

I am totally confused, if you are disabling the wireless network how can the Dash get weather updates?  It needs an Internet connection.