Re: Sony Dash stuck at 'Special options' screen

The 'Unbrick your dash!' solution worked for me. I'll just keep it off of the internet for now and use it as only a clock/alarm. Thanks!

Re: Sony Dash stuck at 'Special options' screen

Duane wrote:
joelsef wrote:

Anybody know why it fails on so many devices?

We don't know why it fails, and why only on some devices, and at this point, I don't think we're not going to waste any effort investigating.  We did just enough research to create this unbricking hack, which was a unnecessary and unwelcome distraction from our larger project for support of the dash.

Your work is very much appreciated! It's too bad the final Sony update was so messy for so many people. Thank you for taking the time to make things right.

No reason to investigate at this point. Just curiousity on my part. If Sony cared, they would have retracted the update by now. If they cared, they would have tested it better. Likely, none of the original devs were left so some unlucky programmer had the task of branching the code and had no idea how to properly test it. I've see that many times...