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Hi all,   with the demise of my sony dash, I decided to try to make one out of a raspberry pi. I bought one of these : … ouchscreen

and have gotten this far:  (video)

Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of linux experience. I have done a lot of programming before, in DOS, BASIC, and on the Arduino, so I am not unfamiliar with the process. BUT could use a few pointers on tweaking what I have working right now.

Is there anyone here interested in assisting me with this project? I would appreciate it!


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Never mind,  I figured it out. It is working pretty well.... I might make another!

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I started building a pi-based chumby-like with a pi3 + official touchscreen.  I got Gnash to display SpaceClock just for a demo...

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this is where I got my start: … p;p=337461

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cool stuff!

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.