Topic: Replace a Chumby 8 button?

The button on top of my chumby 8 is on its last leg, maybe totally dead. I can press it several times and get nothing in response. After mashing the button for a good minute, I manage to get it to register the press. How hard would it be to replace/repair the button? I have limited to no experience with things like this. I once replaced the 'R' button on my Nintendo DS, but that was with snap-in circuitry.

Could I just grab a momentary switch from my local electronics shop and wire it in? Does the chumby shop sell replacement buttons? Please help, I miss being able to actually interact with my chumby...

Re: Replace a Chumby 8 button?

Hmmm, maybe I can find a replacement switch for you.  I'll try to stop by the storage unit and see what I can find.

Otherwise, you could open up the device and attach a different momentary switch - it might not look as polished, but it would work.

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Re: Replace a Chumby 8 button?

Thank you for looking!

How difficult would either repair be? I know that these are 'made to be hacked', but I feel it's focused more on software than hardware.

Re: Replace a Chumby 8 button?

The case comes off pretty easily - you can see the covers for the screws on the back of the unit.  I believe the switch is actually a small circuit board with a flexed metal button, with two wires that go around the display to a connector on the main circuit board.  There might be some glue holding the wires in place, it should be easy to remove.  I'll know more when I dig a unit out and take a closer look.

For a while, we actually had a bit of a maker community doing things with the devices.  There's even a "Craft" section of the forum where such things are/were discussed.  I've made a few myself, it's kind of fun - even more so now that I have talked myself into buying a 3D printer.

Re: Replace a Chumby 8 button?

The one thing I would say on getting the case open is that it's a bit fiddly, or at least I found it so, the side panels slip into notches along the thin back part of the case, so you have to undo the screws, then kind of gently work the back panel back, a bit, then pull the ends of the side panels out to release the hooks on the side panels from the back panel... and while you're doing that, the top switch, or button will probably fall out. 

iirc, the top switch is a very small PCB with one of those dimpled metal pieces taped over it. you can probably pull off the tape, hit it with an eraser to clean it up, and tape the dimple bit back on.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.