Topic: Root password for Chumby One?

I've never logged in to my Chumby One before. I assumed the root password would have been blank, as it was on my Chumby Classic.

But, no dice. I can log in to the One as 'default' user with no password so I know ssh is working right. But if I try using the root account I just get permission denied. Tried all the obvious things I could think of (root, password, chubby, admin, ...) but none work.

I did a reset through the Special Options menu earlier today, after something caused my Chumby to only show a black screen all day. So things should be all clean and fresh...

Re: Root password for Chumby One?

Hmm, I can get into my devices as either root or default (I didn't even realize that account existed before now) without being prompted for a password for either account. Are you the first owner of your device? If not and the previous owner set a root password without telling you what it was then you'll probably have to write a script using the 'run me from a USB stick on startup' feature described in the Wiki to clear out the root entry in the /etc/shadow file, or I guess it would probably be simpler to have it add an authorized_keys file with the right permissions to the /psp/.ssh directory instead (~root/.ssh is a soft-link that points to the /psp/.ssh directory).

Talking about /etc/shadow, why do both my chumbys have a 'samsung' account listed in there (which doesn't appear in the /etc/passwd file)?

Re: Root password for Chumby One?

Doing a firmware update will also clear up any modifications to /etc

There was an 8" device prototype that preceded the C8 (code name "Stormwind") that never made it to production, based on a Samsung processor.  It looks like the BSP for that had a "samsung" user defined that somehow ended up in the main branch.

We eventually migrated the design to the Marvel PXA168 with the "Silvermoon" platform for the I8 and C8.