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Topic: For Sony bashers only!( I guess others as well.)

I just had to respond to those on this forum who have bashed Sony for NOT caring for their customers. I have had some problems with my 3 Sony Dash units but everyone is working fine now. I had to be persistent and specific with Sony CS and it finally worked out. I was actually amazed that Sony would put out a firmware this year that fixed only one model of the Dash (c-10) when this product could be considered legacy and/or beyond technical support. I know people have bashed Chumby.com for not supporting a product that *could* actually be in the landfill. We have had extraordinary support from Duane over the past few years that has kept the Chumby-world alive. I have never heard of such dedication. But I have come to learn that Sony has gone beyond the curve to keep the Dash units alive in spite of the fact that they have not received revenue from this product in a very long time. One of the problems with Dash support at Sony is that fewer of their techies are up to speed with this unit. In the techworld, there is a time to just move on and let the old tech die. That being said, there are still people at Sony who do care about this product and their customers. I have connected with them. Just recently I was handed off to maybe 5 different Customer Service reps to try to fix some problems with my Dash. It took a while but I finally found success.
If you are having problems with your Sony Dash, you can call or chat with support and they will try to fix the problem. It may take some patience but just know what you are doing and clearly communicate what you need. You will probably have to repeat yourself several times. Some CS people just read what is on the card (so to speak). But others really get it. I would suggest you just call/chat with another CS person and see if they do a better job. Remember this is becoming OLD TECH.
If I can help anyone with their Dash, I may not have the answer but you may be able to draw from my experiences. Just PM me and maybe I can help. I have no connections with Sony in any way.

Re: For Sony bashers only!( I guess others as well.)

Glad to hear your issue was resolved. I don't know that I would call myself a "Sony basher" (others might) but they certainly have been responsible for some very anti-customer behavior over the last couple of decades. Good to hear there are some people working there that stand behind their products. Thank you for offering to help others with their Dashes. Both Chumbies and Dashes are already "old tech". It is people who care about these devices (like Duane and yourself) who make it possible for us all to continue to enjoy products that otherwise would not exist.

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Re: For Sony bashers only!( I guess others as well.)

I am not a true techy BUT if anyone can benefit from my experiences with the Sony Dash contact me. All three on my units are working great. Wish the Dash could be a part of the BluOcty family so all units would be on the same page.