Topic: I8 Booting Freeze


So I thought I would be a "hacker" and play around with the I8 (my guinea pig) and pretty sure I tried to do something with the OS that I shouldn't have. I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light or suggest some options I could try to get it running again.

Symptoms are frozen/stalled boot sequence. It loads to the "Insignia" green screen, displays "Please wait..." and I wait, and wait, and wait. Nada.

Is it possible to re-flash a base image or something? Or did I toast it?

Thanks in advance.


Re: I8 Booting Freeze

I tried entering "service" mode (by holding my finger on the screen) and it did load that portion, so I do have an option to perform an update. I can also factory reset, though I'm not sure what that actually does.

Can I update to the Chumby panel for I8 using the update method?


Re: I8 Booting Freeze

Fixed with a fresh firmware install. Woot!


Re: I8 Booting Freeze

if all else fails, you can download the image for the SD card and rewrite it from scratch, though that does require some disassembly.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.