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My Chumby One has been able to receive the WFMT stream for years, even during the past years, until monday.  I've tried all of the stream addresses on the WMFT site.   Is anyone else able to receive this stream?

Can't post the link to their site but the streaming addresses all seem to be playlsts for an ad and than a link to the above address, all links to wttw stream seem to fail now.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Plays fine for me - I created a new My Stream station, called it WFMT and entered the url , selected Type:MP3 and played it.

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Classical KING FM has five channels of classical music from Seattle.  -  Bryan, who works there. ;-)

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Thanks for the tip Bryan.

I added the WFMT and the five KING streams to my spreadsheet of URL streams for the Chumby, along with directions for importing them, that I keep at: … ations.xls

If you have any other streams to be added, let me know.

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Tried it today and link worked great. Did make a few errors before I finally got the address right. Stream addresses are not forgiving. I love listen to good classical music. Thanks for link.

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This has a few streams you may want to add.

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I went through all of the streams on to see which ones were still working. Any that were got added into the spreadsheet.

Feel free to download the complete listing, plus directions on how to get streaming radio stations into your Chumby a little more easily, by going to … ations.xls

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Thanks for all the replies.   Just as mysteriously as it stopped, it restarted last Tuesday.  It's worked all week.  Go figure.  I'm going to download the new and improved list.

Just to let you know almost all the other streams worked, and it played on my desktop.

Very weird.

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A few weeks ago, my  Chumby again stopped playing WFMT.  This time it wouldn't play about a third of the MP3 streams in the spreadsheet list.   It did play most but there was not rhyme or reason that I could see regarding which would or would not play.  t also did not matter if it was on a wired or WIFI connection.  The failure mode was slight ly different then before.  Namely it would first go into what I would call chirping mode.  About every 10 seconds it would play a 1/4 second of the stream.  After about 10 minutes of chirping it would go idle.

Attempting to figure this out I successfully played the stream on an iPod, iPad, and a Windows 10 desktop  simultaneously while Chumby is "chirping.  I have tried different channels and Chumby Apps with out any affect. I have purchased and installed a new, multi freq. wifi/router which improved other device performance but made no difference to Chumby.  I have also brought the Chumby into my office with our dual Comcast connection and had same problem, although it wouldn't chirp, just went straight into idle.

Note that throughout all this, other streams play well.

I have even picked up a used android device and have tried to replace the Chumby and while getting WFMT to play was easy, getting all the other apps I've set up, to play in android is frustrating at best. 

I'd just like to know if picking up a Chumby 8 would solve the problem.  Or is this a software issue between the Chumby streaming code and the streaming servers?

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I wish I could help you with the WFMT stream, but, I am having the same issue. I went to the WFMT website and found the different streaming URLs, and tried all of them, but (for the ones that are Chumby-compatible), all produce the same brief period of sound, just as you describe. But they do work with no problem on my desktop computer. If someone out there with a lot more knowledge than I have can solve this, let us know.

As for your other comment about many of the streams in the spreadsheet no longer working, if you can let me know which ones, I will remove them. Please be sure to download the latest copy, as I do go in periodically (well, randomly at periods ranging from days to months apart) and try to do maintenance, but I won't say I have enough patience to go through the entire list very often.

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Thanks for the response!  At least I know I'm not nuts.   The streams that don't work all fail the same way as wfmt.   They will chirp for 10 minutes or so and then go into idle.   Of course I don't have the patience to wait for the idle on them all.  It seems like it's quite a few of them and this is recent.  For example, the list I'm using has a couple from London, one stream works and one doesn't.   At first I thought ir was all the MP3's but then I found some that worked.  It's maddening.

I have a sneaking suspicion that a protocol changed and the chumby hardware/software isn't quite compatible.  Could be something to do with HTML5 adoption?

Currently I'm waking up to WFMT through my android.  But I can't find any replacement yet for the video part of my wake up chumby channel.   Where do you get the Cruise cams, Snowman Cam, the Flying Star fields....  and all the other  great Chumby apps?

I'm seriously thinking of getting an overhauled 8, and velcroing an android to the back for WFMT..

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FWIW, the other streams are now working again.  Very weird, but the only stream that doesn't work is the one that I really want to wake up to, WFMT.  The fact that it's all the WFMT stream formats and only the WFMT stream, and that all the other streams work makes me suspect that the WFMT server is detecting Chumby and deciding to send a stream he can't decode.

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I agree with you that there is something happening on the WFMT side that is preventing the Chumby from properly playing their stream. I use streams from several different radio stations throughout the day, and have had no issues keeping them playing for several hours at a time.

I did see on the WFMT website there is an FAQ section that includes a link to report a problem with a stream. Perhaps if you contact them through that link they can address the issue?

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Re: WMFT Stream stopped playing.

I just checked my streams for wfmt and it cuts in then out. Other feeds seem to be working normally.