Topic: Chumby Classic FW 1.7.3


Recently found out that is back!

Before I have been using and old version of Zurc's offline USB sw since I first learned that " was dead".

Since I upgraded yesterday to FW 1.7.3, I cannot seem to update the Date and Time when I boot with the same Zurc's offline USB sw.

Idealy, I wanted to connect to and re-register my Chumby classic, but it's always telling me that is offline... or unreachable. sad

So I am really frustrated since I cannot seem to use the device properly after the FW upgrade.

Question: Is it possible to downgrade back to 1.7.2 so I can go back to using my old Zurcs offline sw USB??

Kindly advise and help me to "resuscitate" my Chumby...

Re: Chumby Classic FW 1.7.3

I'm not completely clear on what you want to do - do you want to use the official service, or do you want to use the Zurk firmware?

If you really, really want 1.7.2 firmware, you should be able find it here: …

Note that we do not support the Zurk firmware in any fashion - I don't think even he supports it for the chumby Classic any more.

Note the is, in fact, available, so my guess is this is something going on with your network configuration.

Re: Chumby Classic FW 1.7.3

Hi Duane!

Yes, it was my network and I have deactivated and reactivated my Chumby Classic.

I wanted to subscribe but it seems that it's not validating my CC.
Is it because I am from Portugal (Europe)??


Re: Chumby Classic FW 1.7.3

Glad you were able to work it out!

According to Stripe (our payment processor), we should support credit cards from anywhere in the world, however, they must be Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, or Diner's Club.  Some people that have had similar issues have had luck with "gift cards" that can also act as credit cards.