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I have been having fun adding streams to my infocast 3.5 units, I found several interesting live streams on

I am looking for some that are not easily available, like Glenn Beck.

On the website

There's a link to a working flash stream, which opens a separate window with … ve_player/
and media url … yer_v5.swf

But I don't think a swf file will work on the chumby. 

Does anyone (Bobsz?) know where to find the correct url for Chumby, if one exists?

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Re: Streaming Radio Fun!

You have a challenge there. Radio-locator is a great tool, but only shows real "brick and mortar" radio stations. The Glenn Beck site only exists online, a flash replay of his broadcast radio show, so you won't find it there. And, the site offers no mp3-type stream. So here you have to work backwards. Find a station that broadcasts the show and streams it in m3u/pls. (Often shown as a "Winamp or "Shoutcast" stream.) The Glenn Beck site doesn't even have a station list- I guess they *really* want you to listen to it there (and see their ads!) I found a list of his stations here: … am-p20277/

Problem is, the links there open in a player window. But you can look at the list to find a station with a steam, and go back to Radio-Locator Guide. For example, KNEW Oakland has a morning stream of the show at at:

Unfortunately, if you want Glenn Beck 24/7, you'll have to find 8 stations. I noticed a bad trend looking for this. A lot of stations have abandoned their old streaming links, now going flash, *many* all of a suddenly going to iHeart. Too bad iHeart offers no search feature on Chumby. They really want to serve you up the ads. Your old analogy was great: it looks like the Clear-Channel Borg has now assimilated iHeart (or the other way around.)

I recently bought a tablet and had no idea how much advertising we were spared by listening on the Chumby (or a computer with good ad-blocking.) I think we better cherish every direct-stream link we find- kind of like olden days when you could hear music on AM radio.

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Re: Streaming Radio Fun!

Well, it's not 24x7, I don't know when live would be but I think that would be more than enough.  The Oakland station works on a computer, it plays well in VLC.

That stream plays great on Chumby. 
A stream linked from a German site!

Man, does the fidelity sound great on the Infocast 3.5. 
BTW, that must be live Glenn Beck, the show stops at 9 AM on that station, after that it's Dave Ramsey.

Re: Streaming Radio Fun!

I just happened upon another fairly good source of direct streams.

It looks like a pretty old personal site, but still gets updated. (Reminds me of that Radio-locator Site.) There were some dead inks. But there's also a lot of 'live' direct links in pls or m3u not listed by the stations' sites any more. I just found it today, and I'm getting about a 50% success rate of good links. The stand-alone links are listed as "Listen live with your pda/smart phone or stand alone player." It's at-
"Radio Look-up, Database of online radio streams."

Yeah, that's weird that Oakland stream came from Germany. Plus, it's got the *former* call letters of a Clear Channel station that flipped into KNEW. Yup, Clear Channel streaming from Germany!???

More Streaming Radio Fun!

Re: Streaming Radio Fun! is a great source for spoken stuff, though if you listen to Glen Beck, it's probably not your thing.

I've pulled a bunch of streaming radio IP addresses for the Chumby by using my laptop to search on Shoutcast, right-clicking on the resulting links, opening the tabs in a new window, and saving the .pls file.  Then I open the .pls in a text reader and enter the address into the Chumby. 

A useful hack I've mentioned elsewhere - if you find a stream with a long, complicated URL, you can shorten it with, and it works just fine.

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Re: Streaming Radio Fun!

Here's a partial list of some great streams from around the world I have programmed into my Infocast 3.5.  I looked for many of these because I wanted to have soundtracks for when I play board games set in different countries.  I don't  always include the stream type on this list, but it's easy enough to experiment once you've got them entered. 

BBC - Radio 4

BBC - Radio 4 Extra

BBC - World Service News


WFMU's Rock & Soul Ichiban


PORTLAND - KZME (Only plays local bands, or bands which are coming to Portland soon.)

OLDIES - 1930s -1940's - Abacus Radio

OLDIES - 1920s - 1930s - Radio Dismuke (This is a terrific stream, though the sound quality is a bit low.)

OLDIES - 1930's - WGBH's "Jazz Decades"

OLDIES - 1920's - 1950s  - Venerable Radio

AMBIENT - SomaFM - Mission Control (I LOVE THIS ONE! Ambient music mixed with recordings of NASA missions. When there is a live mission, they often mix that in, otherwise they use historical recordings.)

(My brother DJs on this station.)

SPACE-AGE - SomaFM Illinois Street Lounge

Birdsong Radio

GERMANY - Heimatmelodie

HOLLAND - Efteling Radio (a children's radio station by day (Netherlands time); at night they play movie soundtracks mixed with animal noises and sounds from De Efteling amusement park.)

SWISS - Alpenmelodie

SWISS - Volksmusic Radio

ABIDIJAN - Africa No. 1 (M3U)

ATHENS - Radio Epirus (MP3)

BUENOS AIRES - Radio Periko (PLS)
(An excellent station. Plays tangoes which sound to me like they're from the 78 RPM era.)


CAIRO - Hona wa alaan (MP3)

DELHI - Guyana NJ Desi Radio (PLS)

HONG KONG - Chinese Classical (MP3)

HONOLULU - Hawaiian Rainbow (PLS)

ISTANBUL - Radyo Music (MP3)

JERUSALEM - Kolhalev (MP3)

LIMA - Radio Scala de Oro (MP3)

MADRID - SKY.FM, Classical & Flamenco Guitar (MP3)

MONTEGO BAY - Nautic Radio - Jamaican  (MP3)

MOSCOW- Radio Caprice Russian Folk

NAIROBI - Bongo Radio (MP3)

NEW ORLEANS - Radio Riel New Toulouse (PLS)

PARIS - Nostalgie Poètes (MP3)
(French oldies. Really over-the top, mostly male vocalists.) … 114501.mp3

RIO DE JANEIRO - Bossa Nova Hits (PLS)
(Really good mix, though I wish they would take all versions of "Girl from Ipanama" out of rotation: that gets old.) … va128k.pls

ROME - Italian Graffiati - Musica anni 60 e 70 (MP3)

TOKYO - Blue Heron Radio (M3U)


The JAMmer - Decades of 'Just A Minute' (MP3)
(This is a long-running BBC comedy panel show)

Welcome to Weirdsville - The Silly Side of Halloween (MP3) (LO-FI)

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Re: Streaming Radio Fun!

OK, as I resurrect this zombie thread.

Art Bell is back and he is streaming on the internet.

I put some of the urls in chumby, but I am not getting any sound.

The info is here

External AAC Player or Link … er.aac.m3u

and … er.mp3.m3u

I tried several in mystreams.  None worked, yet, but
sure works in chrome.

I put
in my streams. No sound. 
I tried
No sound.

It says
Now Playing Dark Matter

So any ideas?

What am I doing wrong?

Re: Streaming Radio Fun!

I tracked down and verified these links a few days ago for another user who likes Art Bell.

Here's what you want for that show: … matter.mp3

Since My Streams also supports shortcuts, I've made a simple link:

If you're interested in paranormal stuff, there's also Darkness Radio: … et/ktlk-fm

or the link:

If you want archives for Art Bell's shows, try:

Make sure you select "MP3" for the type.

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Re: Streaming Radio Fun!

Thanks, that worked, Same as I posted, I missed the live at the beginning.
The URLs are not editable on that screen.
If the change is back a ways you have to delete it.  Wish there was a backspace without delete.  Oh well.

Re: Streaming Radio Fun!

Yeah, unfortunately that's a limitation of FlashLite.  There's no support for insertion points in input text fields.

When I provided that URL to the other user, she *also* missed the "live" the first time.