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is there any way to adjust for location on a c8?

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Please not so many replies  :-)

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If you look at the comments for that widget, I think you will find that it never worked. Not on any version of the Chumby.

If you want an extended forecast for wherever you are, I would suggest going to the website for one of your local TV stations. For example, I am located in North Carolina, and WRAL offers a 7 day graphic at … 0x480.jpg,
and WTVD has one at … ayMAX.jpg, while WNCN posts one at … %20WN.jpg. By using one of the image display widgets, I can display any of those.

Obviously, I don't know if any of your local TV stations offer a similar graphic, but, I suspect most do.

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I appreciate your response - I do in fact do something similar, but my fairly small city is 70 miles from the nearest tv station, so I often get "different" weather. I do use the 7 day NOAA.