Topic: new activation on old chumby?

Hi all,

what a surprise chumby is back!

but I have a doubt

I did "erase" my chumby when there was no service, so it was working from the "usb" method

I have my login, my normal virtual chumby active on the website, and my channels.

But should I deactivate now my erased chumby and activate it again? Will i recover all my channels and config? or it will appear as a new chumby on the website?



Re: new activation on old chumby?

the memory of your channels is all stored on our servers.  you can add any number of chumbys to your account, and they will all pick up the channels you have on the web page smile

the chumbys all have a hardware identifier built into them, they're all unique.  you can activate and deactivate it all you want, but that doesn't change the unique ID... so, give it a try! smile

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: new activation on old chumby?

thanks for the quick reply. Didn't realize that channels are "chumby independent".

Anyway, I deactivated and reactived mine.. but the channels are not there. "Unsubscribed"

Think that's because I installed Zurk's firmware, so I'm going to investigate if I can upload the original firmware.

Any clue welcomed!

Thanks again

Re: new activation on old chumby?

found it

I'll try to reinstall firmware

Re: new activation on old chumby?

so dumb.. unsubscribed means that I have to suscribe.... the new way....