Topic: LCARS clock instructions for non-subcribers

Duane explained how to get the LCARS clock back in this thread;

I have included the pertinent information below;

Duane wrote:

The spirit of the device includes "hackability" - and I have changed *nothing* that affects that.  If all you want is a clock, all you need to do is a simple "debugchumby" script on a USB to launch the LCARs clock on your device at boot.

Here's the URL to the LCARs clock:

http://chumbyfiles.s3-website-us-west-2 … sclock.swf

You should be able to download that onto a USB dongle as "lcarsclock.swf" and create a "debugchumby" file with the body:

chumbyflashplayer.x -i /mnt/usb/lcarsclock.swf

You won't have any music or alarms of course, since you're not using the Control Panel that comes from the servers at that point.

I hope this helps and please read the thread. Duane and the volunteers are doing their best to make the new service work.