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Hi I am Rayo, I am new to all this -so please have patience ...
I was on holiday in the US and bought myself two new Chumbys, at really good prices.
I returned home and set one of them up, and initially it worked. I really liked it... then suddenly some time ago it stopped working and all I could get was a real time clock, so it was still OK to leave in place... time passed and I began to think
it was kaput! so I got the second one out and was about to set it up..... then it happened .....and I read all the news about Chumby closing its doors.... can not say I admire them much for that...
what I do admire is the fine work Duane and the 'Blue....." company are doing in surviving the Stub service... Thank you.
It must be a huge  lot of work, and good on you.....
I shall now try to get at least a clock up on my second unit.

Is there a list one could - register the Chumby number to to await any improvements in service ?
I think what you have done is a real good gesture and I would like you to know that you have support.
keep on trucking..

any advice would be really appreciated.
Rayo - Cape Town - South Africa.

Re: Know you have support!

when the new service goes online, it should remember your old account, and channel settings.  Duane's gone to a lot of effort to not lose everything, to keep people from all having to start over from scratch.

the beta tests of the new service are coming along nicely, I'm very excited about it!

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Know you have support!

Thank you Diamaunt, Its just great to know that.... two more users here
Beste !