Topic: ChUSBy - Chumby with USB Power Supply

So, as I wait on the replacement power adapter for my Chumby One, I decided to attempt another alternative option and create a ChUSBy!
USB chargers typically power 5v with a variety of amperages.

My first attempt was to plug into an iPad charger which provides 5v 2.1A - this was met with a boot-loop cycle. Must not be a consistent 5v...

I tried a variety of others, but they were under amped.

My final working attempt was with a smart-switching 5 port Anker charger.

Success! ChUSBy achieved. Hopefully this will carry me until the "Official" adapter arrives.

Re: ChUSBy - Chumby with USB Power Supply

very nice.  I've got that same anker adapter... pretty nice gadget.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.