Topic: Supporting the service

As many of you know, through Blue Octy I have been personally financing the Chumby service since March 2013, as well as the various fees related to setting up the company and acquiring the assets of Chumby in the first place.  There will be an inevitable increase in these ongoing costs as we restore the full Chumby Service.

Over the next couple of weeks, we (my wife and I) will be setting up various ways for you to help us offset these costs.

The first thing we've set up is a CafePress store, through which we are selling a collection of Chumby-branded items.  We will be getting a percentage of the purchase price for these items.

To take a look at (and hopefully purchase) what we're offering, please visit:

It there are items that CafePress offers that you're interested in but are not in our section, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

We will also be setting up another store shortly to sell off some remaining inventory of devices, power supplies, and other miscellaneous stuff from Chumby Industries.  Unlike the CafePress store, we will be processing and shipping these orders ourselves, so at least initially they'll be restricted to the United States.  I'll repost when I have more details.