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Topic: Infocast 8 won't connect to any network

So, I boot my Infocast 8. I see the Insignia boot screen, then a Chumby logo and "Checking the Network" and then "Scanning" and then "Choose a wireless connection."

OK, so I made an 802.11 guest network with NO security, and the Chumby is in the same room as the access point, which is a brand new Apple (AirPort) Time Capsule. The network appears in the scrolling list, with 4 bars and no lock icon. So far so good.

I select it, hit next, and select "Automatic" IP allocation method. I click Next and eventually see "Your wireless connection may be down or you may have typed the wrong passphrase. Please try configuring your network again."

I have also tried using Manual IP allocation, and I'm pretty sure I've picked an IP address in range, specified the network mask, the gateway, the DNS servers right. Same error.

I have also tried re-flashing the firmware to 1.8.2 from this image: http://files.chumby.com/resources/chumb … update.zip

I am reasonably sure that the flash succeeded. But same errors.

I'd normally guess that the hardware is acting up, but I can see networks in the scrolling list -- I just can't seem to connect.

Any suggestions?

Re: Infocast 8 won't connect to any network

I found my own stupidity/inattentiveness caused the problem.

I somehow turned off 802.11b/g compatibility on the access point. Turning it back on fixed the problem.