Topic: Impressions after the I8 to C8 CP change

I finally took the leap and went with the change from I8 CP to the C8 CP. What convinced me to do it was the expanded music possibilities through the added My Streams that I8 did not have. Also the multiple alarms and scheduled events was a plus. All that said I do have some regrets that I can list:
1-It seems the sound quality is less than before. Maybe since SRS is not supported.
2-Internal memory is not showing up at all. I had some pics loaded in the internal memory that I cannot access now. (Suggestion: Can the Photobucket connection be fixed to work again soon?)
3-Unit seems to be slower to respond to touch commands. Example: My Streams. Added all my streams and when I go to that page it hangs up trying to see the stations below the viewing level.
4-This is just a problem for either model: You cannot use two memory cards at the same time. The memory card readers must be in serial with each other.

I am just getting use to the new look and feel. All in all it is a trade-off either way. I still have an I8 running as a normal Insignia. This is a good way to compare.

Things I do like:
1-Added CBS podcast and My Streams
2-Mulitple alarms and event scheduler
3-Simpler and cleaner look to CP.

Question: Browser icon is there but message comes up that it is not enabled. Does it work and what can I do with it at this time?

Owner of 3 Sony Dash, 2 Info 8.