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Topic: Chumby One : power adapter

Sorry bad thread. Could the mod move it to "Chumby, the Device" ?
I mostly use the Chumby One as an alarm clock. I have to wake-up every 2 hours : no other device can do this so perfectly.
My Chumby One power adapter cable seems to be broken.
Where can I buy a new one with such original plug ?
From the chumby store (closed now) ? Do they all work for Europa ?
Other solution : buy a new chumby ; is it even possible ?

Re: Chumby One : power adapter

Would this (or adaptor from powered USB hub with 7 ports or higher) work?

http://www.cellularfactory.com/fulldet. … hwodVVSKyQ

http://www.microcenter.com/single_produ … id=0335175

Re: Chumby One : power adapter

For all the help everyone has provided on this forum, I have put together a helpful video that will show you how to fix your own power supply in minutes (with all the right parts and tools).

You can find it here on YouTube:

or search for Chumby Power Supply Fix on YouTube.