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Hello out there!

I would like to replace the build-in microSD (1G) with a 4GB. I dd'd the 1GB to a 4GB and it still booting. So far so good. Unfortunately the original partition table has an overlap of the 1st partition, so every resizing tool shows an invalid partition table. Following the instructions of (thanks!) I repaired the partition table and resized partition 6. Unfortunately the microSD does not boot any longer.

What can I do? Hints are welcome,

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Re: Chumby One: Replace microSD

I'm just guessing here, but you probably need to ensure the boot partition is marked bootable.  This can be set with the "a" option in fdisk.

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Re: Chumby One: Replace microSD

@Chum: Unfortunately this did not work for me.

A workaround is to save the 1st partition of the 4GB microSD with dd in a file (dd if=/dev/sdX1 of=chumby_part1.img), repair the partition table with fdisk, resize the extended partition and partition 6 and write back partition 1 with dd (dd if=chumby_part1.img of=/dev/sdX1). The Chumby is booting and I have a lot of space on /dev/mnt/storage.