Topic: Crazy idea wondering if its possible...

Now to step the tone on things, I am more on the hardware of things and really thinking or trying to wrap my head around software and coding again. But a couple curious thoughts have come to my mind and I wanted to see what you all think of this:

I am curious if there was a way to host our own subnet server on our own network and broadcast the Cumby software to our own devices in the local network for our own system. In a way to take the load off of the Cumby reliance and or the hosting cost of your servers, maybe even a multi system mesh network?

And my other crious thought I had was this; I know there has been postings inthe past about trying to put the android OS onto the system. instead of it directly due to CPU / ram  / and other system limitations. what if we casted a form of the android onto the Chumby.

Could either of these work? Any ideas or thoughts to add?

Just a thought. Hoping for a great discussion for these ideas

Got a CB8, love it and want to get more of them for all around the house and office, love the music players and different apps for it.
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