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My request is a rather simple one, but unfortunately - as seems to be the case after reading many of the other thread subjects - have been so far unable to reach support.  I've sent several requests via form as well as some e-mails but no response.

My roommate was moving furniture the other day and accidentally smashed the male end of my chumby one power cord.  It no longer turns on when plugged in, but still works when run off an appropriate rechargeable battery so I know the problem is just in the cord. 

Would it be possible to get a replacement cord somewhere?  I was hoping there would be a store, but the site appears to be down.  If chumby no longer sells these cords directly, is there another place I could be directed to for purchase?  I have looked for a while online but cannot find an appropriately sized male-end plug.

Re: broken power cord

you could. axis 5v camera supplies are $15 or so on ebay and work fine with chumbies (ive tried em). OR you could simply not bother. honestly chumbies are so cheap they arent worth repairing. postage will cost you more than a brand new chumby is worth.
brand new chumbies are going for $19 : … amp;sr=8-2
you can use the power adaptor with your old chumby if you dont like the color. buy a few and treat them like disposable light bulbs. last time i bought LED lights they cost $20 at home depot for the philips amber LED. so the chumby these days is worth less than a new light bulb. buy a few while they last.
severs will shut down eventually and then you wont get em anymore.

Re: broken power cord

Ah, thanks for the response.  I didn't realize that they were so cheap nowadays, although I suppose given the lack of support and service on the horizon it's not too surprising.  Too bad, it was a really handy device to use as a pandora-alarm and whatnot.

Re: broken power cord

According to the Chumby wiki ( … for_chumby), the plug you need is 0.9 mm ID X 3.2 mm OD:

"The chumby One requires +5V, 2A DC power, regulated to better than +/-5%. The plug is a 0.9mm x 3.2mm barrel plug, although we order a 0.8mm ID plug to make sure the connection is very snug (users tend to pick up the chumby One and this can dislodge the connector)."

You can find that connector at Digikey as their part number PP-017 ($1.57 each) or CA-2221 ($3.38 each). (This is a 0.9 mm ID connector. It does not look like Digikey offers a 0.8 mm ID connector.) Of course, there will also be a few dollars of shipping added, which will probably be quite a bit more than the cost of a single connector.