Topic: searchtube2 stopped working

I haven't seen this anywhere else on these forums but searchtube2 seems to have stopped playing any videos.

If others are seeing this I guess something has maybe changed with YouTube's API.

I hope this isn't how Chumby is going to go, apps gradually breaking down as things change on the net, with people not interested enough in the platform to fix them.

Re: searchtube2 stopped working

On the widget's page, the author notes that he can't get it to work himself. Chumby currently has zero employees, so that's not who you can expect to help. You know, I'd swear Google purposely changes things just to "break" third-party use of their stuff. I'm actually surprised how many widgets do work that haven't been updated in years. And there actually is Chumby Community support for widgets, just in a different way. Some of it is in the offline firmware. Zurk was able to fix "Sky Happenings- Weather Edition" which was broken for a long time, and developed a couple of new widgets. Maybe you could see what's happening on that Sourceforge forum.