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It was a very chumby weekend here in Wine country.  I was determined to get a handle on my CHB and the Infocast I bought on Ebay.  I actually got somewhere.

1) the big one.  The ROM image that is referenced at the Adafruit website is out of date and flawed.  I found Image ver 1.07 on the Insignia website here …

It works on both the CHB and the Infocast.  It doesn't need patching, it expands to fit the SD card and works with both boards.  Yay!  The whole trying to expand the size of the partition thing was driving me nuts (although I DID learn about fdisk and Linux partitions).

2) if you want to write to GPIOs you write to a memory location.

3) making your own kernel is a pain in the ass! 

I am learning to love Linux, though.

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mwalimu wrote:

making your own kernel is a pain in the ass!

You got that right.  Believe it or not, it is a hell of a lot easier now than it was before we pulled all the pieces together.

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While I was looking for information I came across this and thought about you and the others building away:


I, of course, don't know a thing about it, but I was wondering what a brand new kernal/linux system (see I don't even know what to call it) would look like.

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