Topic: Need some help with my chumby one

Hey I noticed my chumby one will give me a white screen when I turn off my light in my bathroom and it also does it when I run Pandora at loud volumes does this mean I need a new power supply if so can I get one online ? Also why did I not get a response from my email I sent over a month ago

Re: Need some help with my chumby one

This thread was going way off-topic, I have taken the off-topic posts and consolidated them here.  Unfortunately PunBB doesn't allow for proper thread splitting, so I've done what I can.

On-topic, Zurk had suggested the following as a possible solution for Zeak's problem:

zurk wrote:

if you need a new power supply you can pick one up from ebay for $10-$15. look for a 5V AXIS IP CAMERA power supply. … 1c1cfd65fd