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Topic: Where is support?

I've emailed support regarding my screen issue on a brand new unit and nothing.  What do I do to contact support?  This is a real bummer.  I've always been very supportive of chumby.  I have a brand new device that is partial strobe light.

Please advise.


Re: Where is support?

Did this ever get resolved?  I am considering a Chumby 8 now that I  know they are no longer being manufactured.  However, would like to be sure the hardware is being supported.


Re: Where is support?

I tried to use the contact link on the website and I get a mail with this :

Unable to deliver message.
Error message: 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try
550-5.1.1 double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or
550-5.1.1 unnecessary spaces. Learn more at                             
550 5.1.1 http://support.google.com/mail/bin/answ … nswer=6596 dg4si728694qab.111

Hmmm seems to be down...