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Topic: Looking for a chumby?

If you're in search of a chumby device, these appear to be the only solid options right now.  I can't comment on service, as I have not ordered from them, but perhaps someone can chime in on their behalf -- from chumby or otherwise -- as far as I remember most of the run of original chumbies were shipped from China, so this is probably still a safe bet.  Customer service is the big question though...

WOWBox 3.5

Processor     iMX233 ARM926EI-S 454MHz
Internal Memory     1GB (Internal MicroSD card)
USB Port     1 USB 2.0 high speed port
Display (Screen)     3.5" TFT
Aspect Ratio     4:3
Screen Resolution     320x240 pixels
Integrated Microphone     Yes
Speakers     1W mono speaker (x2 side)
Stereo headphone output     Yes
Adapter     5V, 2.0A
Keyboard     Touch screen
Multiple alarm settings     Yes
USB Ethernet compatible     Yes
Integrated Wi-Fi     802.11 b/g
Over-the-air software updates     Yes
Operating System     Chumby

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WOWBox 8

Processor     Marvell PXA168 ARM9 800MHz
System Memory     128MB RAM (DDR2)
Internal Memory     2GB (Internal MicroSD card)
External Memory     SD, SDHC, MMC. MS, MS Pro Duo (using non-included adapter)
Display (Screen)     8"TFT
Aspect Ratio     4:3
Screen Resolution     800x600 pixels
Integrated Microphone     Yes (mono)
Speakers     Stereo (2 speakers)
Headphone Jack     Yes
Adapter     5V, 2.5A
Keyboard     Touch screen
Pointing Device     Single touch resistive touch screen
USB 2.0     USB2.0x1
Intergrated Wi-Fi     802.11 b/g
Software Updates     Through wireless internet access
Battery (clock backup only)     CR2032, 3.0V, 210 mAh battery (internal)
Operating System     Powered by Chumby

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If you have ordered from WOW Technologies, please leave a comment on your experience, etc.  You can also find them on facebook here.