Topic: Is down?

The main site seems to be down for me.  I'm trying to log in to manage my device (using the log-in link on the home page).  When I submit the form with my name and password, an error page is returned (a PNG image with embedded text that says "Sorry! This page is not available".

Is it just me?


Re: Is down?

Same with me!
It seems (some parts) is down. I cannot log in and my device (chumby 8) cannot start and connect to the service. sad

Very bad!

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Me too. . . are your devices reporting they're not registered?

Re: Is down?

Same here. My device went "not activated".

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*sigh*  So this thing is effectively a brick without the chumby servers?  It would be really nice if there was a way to point it at my own server and have the chumby server software available for download...

I wonder when this'll get resolved.  Everyone's at CES today..  sad

Re: Is down?

Yeah this is a major bummer.  Not only does it take them a month to respond to email, this is the second time in that month where my Chumby has said it needs to be activated and now I can't even log in to!

I'm with XenoPhage and have always been annoyed that if my WiFi goes down my Chumby One won't do anything without an annoyingly long reconnection time.  Of course, it won't bother to try reconnecting on its own, either.  sad

This is certainly in my list of devices that are not quite annoying enough to stop using.  wink  There is so much wrong with it and yet it has a couple of magical features that keep me hoping that one day it will become amazing.

Re: Is down?

There is great free monitoring software out there or affordable software like Nagios.  Or is the Chumby infrastructure not mission critical?

Dear Duane:
Its not rocket science to setup a alarm for the mobile phone to be aware off any malfunction
and then please start communicating with us and fixing the problem.