Topic: Web Connected LED wall using CHB

Recently finished up a project that is a web connected LED light board using the Chumby Hacker Board and wanted to share! We had originally starting using the arduino with a wifi shield but it turned out to be frustrating to program and debug. For about the same price we picked up a CHB with wifi and all those problems disappeared. Currently the CHB boots and starts a node.js server that connects to the remote server and waits for commands then talks i2c to the chips that control the LED's. The nice thing about this architecture is the realtime nature of it. No polling or punching holes in firewalls and only about a 500ms delay from command from the server to a new image being displayed on the wall.

We used OE to build a very spartan image containing wifi and node.js using this repo: You can find some notes on the build here:

If anyone finds it interesting I'd be more than happen to answer any questions on how we got it all up and running.

Re: Web Connected LED wall using CHB

This is very cool.  Thanks for sharing it.