Topic: Custom alarms: quick edit feature (wanted)


editing an alarm on the chumby is a bit complex, if you just need to edit the time (sadly, this happens a lot of times for me). One has to go through the whole programming process just pressing 'next'. Wouldn't it be a nice feature to add a "Done" button on each screen of the editing process, so that one can, for instance, just change the time of the alarm, press "Done" and is directly moved to the last screen ("name this alarm")...

Another nice feature would be the opportunity to set the alarm volume for each alarm separately. What do you think?

Cheers, Achim

Re: Custom alarms: quick edit feature (wanted)

There *is* a "DONE" button on the time setting screen that short-circuits the rest of the configuration.

Re: Custom alarms: quick edit feature (wanted)

Thanks. I have just changed to the beta version of the control panel and the done button is now there. However (not sure about) I think it is not available in the non-beta versions yet?

Re: Custom alarms: quick edit feature (wanted)

It's been there for years, however, it's apparently easy to miss since this question comes up every now and then.

It's only on screens that it makes sense to short-circuit from, not every one.   For instance, you can't short-circuit from the Daily/One Time/Weekdays/Weekends etc screen, since you still need to enter the time/date.  It's also not there if you're creating a new alarm.