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Topic: wpa_supplicant Old Source

I looked at the chumby source page, http://files.chumby.com/source/ and grabbed the only copy of wpa_supplicant shown.

The source for wpa_supplicant does not match the binary programs on the Hacker Board.  Source is version 0.4.9, whereas the binary code in the Hacker Board is version 0.6.9  Where can one obtain the source for version 0.6.9 of wpa_supplicant that was used to compile the binary files on the Chumby Hacker Board?  If you don't know that answer to that question, then perhaps you can tell me which general purpose linux distro/release you started from before modifying files for the chumby?

Thanks,   Barry Mead

Re: wpa_supplicant Old Source

I asked about distro before and was given an answer that there wasn't a "distro".  It was custom rolled, not even using buildroot or similar.  All custom scripts.  I think the answer was from ChumbyLurker and was very vague on whether the build system could/would ever be released so we could easily build a custom rootfs without just copying things into the original.

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