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CHB v1 has been released, we'll have updated docs on it soon BUT you can see large photos here … cts_id=278

changes are essentially: removing arduino headers on back, expanding the 0.1" header breakout to include more ADC, PWM and a UART (not kernel supported yet!) and two pins that can be used to -provide- 5v power

official chumbyites may also chime in smile

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Hello Mrs. Ada,

Thanks for informing us on the V1.0 version of the board.

Do you know when and where the new PDF and Altium files will be available?

Kind regards,

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While waiting for UPS to bring my hacker board V1, I've been studying the schematics and gerbers from the link in the sticky, and the photos at AdaFruit.  They don't seem to line up.  Have the schematics/gerbers for V1.0 been posted?  If so... please post the URL, since I think I am I looking in the wrong place or am badly confused.


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Any news on the new PDF?

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another ping for the PDF schematic.

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Found it in a topic on the adafruit forums: