Topic: reboots with 3.1.21 / (2-18 / 2-23 update?) on BB8

Since going beta just over a week ago my Infocast 8" has rebooted at least 5-6 times.  (This only happened twice before beta during normal use, over 1 a month+ when I also used it more.)  The last two were during viewing of my gmail in the "E-Mail Viewer" app (but I may just use that more.)  I have not found a way to reproduce it.

It feels more sluggish using "Chumbyland" now, especially during full screen animations/transitions (like the curtains closing, etc.)  Perhaps this is simply my perception.  It's only rebooted once during Chumbyland.

Details: downloaded on 2/28; says 2/18, but "Build time: Wed 23Feb2011 0712"
"Starting network... Adobe FlashLite 4.0.2 Release (Version 10,1,48,3)- Chumby Industries (version 10 build 59-3719 [GCC 4.3.2])"

Good luck!

PS.  since /var is tmpfs I don't seem to have a way to pass crash logs, or do I?

Re: reboots with 3.1.21 / (2-18 / 2-23 update?) on BB8

The current beta release of the Flash Lite 4 player has a known memory leak.

Re: reboots with 3.1.21 / (2-18 / 2-23 update?) on BB8

OK.  On one occasion it restarted back into E-mail, I had time to click on one or two messages, and it rebooted again.  That seems a rather fast memory leak, it had been up about 30 seconds.

Did you tweak oom_kill() to reboot?  The only proc with oom_adj at -17 is udevd.  How do memory leaks become a reset?