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Topic: chb or one - need i/o

hi there. i try to figure out i should go for a hacker board or the one.
i want to have a setup where i might use a touch as input device. on the other hand it should be possible to select streaming channels by buttons and only a small digit screen displaying language information.
what do you suggest? is there any i/o useable at the chumby one? or can i misuse the joystick?
and would it be possible to attach another screen to the chumby one?
or is the best to go with the hacker board?

edit: and is there a touchscreen avaible for the hacker board?

Re: chb or one - need i/o

You have pretty much what you want thought out, sounds ilke the One with the Joystick and the push (squeeze) button would be more than sufficient?

You could also consider little tricks with the accelerometer with 'taps'.  Tap, Tap Tap etc :>