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Topic: Full Hacker Board Source?

Does anyone know which version of the general linux utilities and other software sources was forked to compile the programs besides the kernel on the chumby hacker board.

I am having trouble with an error in the ntpdate utility, and can't find any information about which version of which linux distribution's  source tree was used to make that particular utility or any other general purpose program on the chumby.

I could grab just any version of the utility but I was wondering if there is a more controlled scientific approach that will ensure that I compile a version of the sources that are identical and compatible with all of the libraries and other idiosyncrasies
of the chumby code base.

Thanks for any info that leads me to the right tar ball


I found it it was obvious with a correct google search:


The hackerboard specific stuff is under the heading:

Falconwing "chumby hacker board" Software, build 1.0.3320

and the rest of the source tree for all of the falconwing chumby products is under the heading:

Falconwing Software version 1.0.4, build 1.0.2913

You download about 64 files and you have it all!