Topic: hacker board should ship with kernel sources on uSD

The majority of my grief with the hacker board, and there has been a lot of grief, could have been avoided if the kernel and driver sources you built it with shipped on the uSD card.  Yes, I understand they can be downloaded -- but that is *now*, after I nagged both you and Adafruit to get it to happen.  And I am still suspicious it doesn't exactly match. ( I know for a fact that .config doesn't match.) And then there is the uSD space issue.  Why not just include a uSD card big enough for the sources, and include the sources?  That saves everybody the hassle of buying a new uSD and duplicating the image.  Seems like it would be simpler on your end as well.  Just roll up the sources in the build image.

It *is* a hacker board, after all.  You have to expect users will want to build drivers. It should be set up to do that as it comes.

It also wouldn't hurt if a CHB dev checked the forums once in a while.  I see the state-side guys active in the forum, but the actual CHB devs are MIA.  I understand the state-side guys don't see the CHB as their support issue -- the problem is the CHB devs don't either.