Topic: So refreshing

Alright, so I picked up my Insignia Infocast 8 without knowing much about Chumby.

After a few hours of tinkering, googling, and reading this forum, all I've got to say is: Chumby has a great attitude and team. It's really refreshing to buy a consumer electronics device at a big box store, take it home, and find that not only is hackable, but the developers went out of their way to make it easy.

The hidden preferences with sshd? The install script for native development when you type gcc? The helpful posts on this forum?

It might look like a simple little device, but I *KNOW* I'm going to have boatloads of fun hacking it. My favorite thing so far is that I can put an image an a USB device, boot it, and not worry about hosing my main firmware.

Just wow. You guys rock!