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Topic: EABI Support

Anyone able to enable EABI on the CHB? I need support for EABI which looks to have patches available for 4.1.1 here: http://www.lwithers.me.uk/usr/src/arm-eabi-on-armv4/

I've tried to compile some software for the CHB but it said some of the headers previously compiled are EABI 0, and the new software is EABI 4 (if I remember correctly). Does the current toolchain support EABI interworking. Am I not doing something right?

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I believe it does support EABI interworking.  At least, everything should be compiled using EABI.  OABI is severely deprecated.  Plus hard-float on ARM is a pain.

I'm not sure what you mean by "EABY interworking".  I'm pretty sure thumb interworking is enabled if you compile with -mthumb-interwork.

The compiler that's currently used is Code Sourcery 2008q3, a variant of 4.3.2.  If you don't bother renaming the compiler like the instructions describe, you end up with one that has a vendor prefix of "arm-none-linux-gnueabi-".

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Re: EABI Support

Thanks for that. I wasn't using that flag, and it did seem to help the compilation but now it's complaining about undefined references in libcrypto.a. I'm using openssl-1.0.0c compiled on the CHB itself (took hours...). Any ideas?

I'm thinking that the software I'm trying to compile may be using deprecated functions in openssl-1.0.0c. I'll try compiling an older version of openssl (maybe openssl-0.9.8q) .

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Alright, fixed my problem.

For those of you who want to compile and install aircrack-ng, you need to compile openssl-0.9.8q from source. Then compile aircrack-ng-1.1 from source pointing to the dev headers of openssl. Do NOT use openssl-1.0.0c because aircrack-ng uses functions that were deprecated in that vesion. I used the silvermoon toolchain but I suppose it should work for falconwing.

I previously tried to use an even older version of openssl, but it complained that it was compiled EABIv0 and aircrack was EABIv6 (something like that). This was also with the falconwing toolchain.

Now you might say that the CHB is too slow for cracking encryptions (true), but I'm going to use it just to dump packets.