Topic: V1 P200 pin out v. schematics

The schematics .pdf that I am looking at is labeled "Falconwing OEM V1", but it doesn't seem to quite line up with the pix at Adafruit.  The .pdf shows an 18 pin header for P200, but the picture  at Adafruit shows a 26 pin header.  Where can I find the canonical information for this connector?


Re: V1 P200 pin out v. schematics

Looks like the wiki is still pointing at beta board information.  Adafruit says this link came from chumby developers:
and it seems to line up with the pictures of the V1 board. (I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, so I'm going by photos.)  Also, it looks like the gerbers on the wiki are still for the beta board also.
Anyway... I'm posting in case any one else is looking for the the schematics between now and whenever the dev's have time to update the wiki.