Topic: Chumby + iPhone + Android + Mecanum Wheels

Waiting for my Insignia Infocasts to I tested with a C1 smile … um-wheels/

Or if you want to jump straight to the video :

Re: Chumby + iPhone + Android + Mecanum Wheels

Made another test.

Uploaded all the software required if you want to make a copy :-
Python : … .1.tar.bz2
MWRover files : … r4.tar.bz2

New video here :-

Basic Operation :-
MWRover files contains an install script which copies a custom userhook0 script to /psp/rfs1
The userhook0 script configures the WLAN as an AP, and starts a python script.
Python script runs a webserver that reads POST data and writes it to the USB Serial port (driving the servos).
The webserver serves up all the necessary HTML/CSS/JS files required to run the GUI that runs on any late browser (Android/iPhone Webkit, Firefox, Chrome etc).

Simple?  Works on a factory new Chumby/Infocast without modifications (See original video).