Topic: Sirius XM

It has been a couple years, no progress on a Sirius XM client for Chumby/Dash????

i am not that capable of hacking and installing a workaround like with Orb.  so lots of us Sirius listeners... why not do an app, my bet is it would drive alot more sales of Chumby's and Dash's.

Re: Sirius XM

really, no response to Sirius XM client???

there are 17 million Sirius XM customers in North America,  gotta think this is a great app for people.  Lots of people do not just want to listen in their car.

crazy there isn't an APP for Chumby

Re: Sirius XM

Sirius XM is welcome to create an app - we can't do it unilaterally.