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I really like the "Music" function. But, what I wish was that instead of My Streams being buried as the 11th item on the list of potential sources, it was the first. If I like a station, I add it to My Streams so it is easy for me to find. I only occasionally use the other sources.

So, please give me an option to reorder the music sources so I can put My Streams at the top of the list.

And, while I'm asking, it sure would be nice if it were easy to reorder the stations on the My Streams list, so I can keep the ones I listen to now more frequently near the top of that list, rather than being locked into the order that I entered things in at the start.

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Look here for information on reordering your music order: … ic_sources

You just need to edit this file: /psp/music_order and put in the file directurl and My Streams will be on top after you reboot your chumby.

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Thanks for the info. That was really helpful. I managed to create the music_order file and copy it to the psp directory using WinSCP, and it worked just the way the wiki posting said it would.

I also figured out how to reorder the links in My Streams by editing the url_streams file and saving it back to the psp directory.

So, now everything works just the way I wanted. Thanks very much likearaptor.

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No problem, I'm glad I could help

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Hi There,

may i also edit these files to add Stream URL without having to type them with The chumby keyboard.

In fact, I think this option should be available on "My chumby" inside the web, so it works the same way as adding/removing widgets.


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If you put all your streams into the YouStreams widget, which can be done via your computer, then you can transfer them from there into MyStreams  - no typing on Chumby required! See the YouStreams widget page for more information.
Or, as noted above, you can edit the url_streams file using your computer.