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This topic may have been beaten to death, but since it's dead it won't mind a little more flogging...

I was wonder about the feasibility of having an easter egg similar to the widget changing using the built-in accelerometer.  That is, instead of holding down the top button and tilting left or right to change widgets, you could hold down the top button and tilt up or down to change channels.  Could this work?

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Re: Quick channel switching

It's a valid suggestion, but I think implementing a channel change trigger with using the CP button along with the Y axis could introduce a problem with users who just want to advance to the next widget but accidentally trigger a channel change.  But if the demand for something like this is big enough, we'd definitely look into it.

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Thanks for responding, sam.  I was actually thinking about this yesterday -- I was doing the widget change and noticed that, when holding down the top button, it doesn't take much X-axis movement to trigger it, so I can definitely see sensitivity issues if the X- and Y-axes performed separate functions. 

The problem with an alternative solution -- say, holding down the top button and tilting brings up a Quick Change screen where you can select an option from a Channel column or a Widget column -- is that people are used to the quick widget changing and would complain that now it takes multiple motions to switch widgets.

Oh, the problems that arise when you have 100 features requested but only 2 buttons to work with....