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I would love to be able to send/receive/respond to text messages to another chumby user or to anyone for that matter.

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This comes back to the old problem of how do you stop this feature becoming a conduit for spam?
Also, the on screen keyboard is a terribly awkward thing to use.

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It would be cool to be able to text from one Chum to antoher Chum. You have to approve a Chum via the main site anyway for them to send you apps as it now, so that is pretty spam-proof, I would hope.
Yes, that would be neat!

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I think I have this on my Infocast (BB8), I have never used it though.

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Instant Messaging for Friends only, so there would be no Spam.

Actual, adding friends is nice, but only sent widgets is a bit boring.

IM for added friends would be very nice, and i think this function would be used more than now.

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Check out

Don't be fooled by its fun exterior.  We have some of the longest running chumby owners online.  Real time chum and group chat included.